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Creating a Visual Identity requires the development of a graphic environment
that will represent an idea, a project, a brand or even a person. It is vital that
this identity reflects the brand’s essence, meaning and core values, so the
result can be recognizable and have a powerful presence.

At ÁRBOL we’ll follow crucial steps in the development of a new brand, starting
with research, discussion, analysis, understanding, conceptualization and then
design. We’ll make sure the brand is strong and flexible for a perfect cohabitation
in multiple media channels. We design for people. It is more than proven that
good identities add true value.

Coherent, Cohesive, Flexible, Authentic…

Are you ready to make your “perfect fit” brand? Let’s do it together!

Content Creation

It’s no longer about what you sell, but about your story and how you tell it. 

We transform your brand into an audiovisual experience. Everyone has a story to tell.  A story with meaning and with visual coherence tailored for your audience.

We help you to create the fresh content library your brand needs. Content with meaning, content with passion, content that engages.

It is time to evolve, see further and coexist into the digital environment your brand needs.

Creative Direction

At ÁRBOL we can help your brand communicate their core values and services. We will conceptualize, develop and oversee that every single element designed for you, stays on brand. It’s not just designing one element, it’s the sum of several, that put together will become your brand identity and voice in front of your community.


Nowadays, with minimum attention span, videos are perfect resources to attract
and build your audience. It is perfect to tell stories that will connect directly
to their emotions. At ÁRBOL we’ll write the script, design, illustrate and produce
fresh and innovative images with the same objective: surprise, entertain
and take your message to your community and beyond.

We make it simple, we make it effective, we make it fun.


Turn something ordinary into something special.

The Universe of illustration has no boundaries, it can go as far as your imagination
will go.

We can create a whole new world filled with fantastic, fun or realistic characters.
Ideal to communicate your message with a great amount of originality.

Are you willing to dream?

2D & 3D Animation

2d and 3d animations are an excellent resource to tell your story and explain
your content, easy to understand.

We will create, illustrate, write, and animate fresh and innovative ideas in order
to surprise your community.

Editorial Design

A good typographic pairing, hierarchy, structure, layout, identity and graphic elements
will help ease a reader’s experience. And what about the materials we
can use to print? Texture, weight, color, and many more options open a whole
new spectrum of possibilities.

At ÁRBOL we can help you communicate your message in printed media,
taking a book or catalog own qualities into consideration.

Just remember, how the information is presented to the reader will influence
the reading experience. Let’s make it appealing, easy to read and understandable
to everyone.

Other Services

We work in collaboration with copywriters, digital designers, photographers, web design, art directors and any other professionals needed to execute rightfully our projects.

How can we help you grow?
We would love to know more about your project