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Achte Feng Shui

Life in Harmony



Donostia, San Sebastian

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Brand Identity
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Feng Shui
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Achte is a specialized consulting company in Feng Shui Bazai dedicated in expanding a lifestyle in harmony. Founded by Lissette Karam, the brand promotes the balance of spaces to elevate the lives of those who live in them.

Achte combines Feng Shui´s principles with practicality and joy. The brand is the perfect ally for women who seek harmony in their spaces.

We were asked to conceptualize and design the Brand Identity and digital tools for social networks to personalize the Achte experience.

Our purpose was to transmit the brand values and meaning with a coherent symbol. After research and alignment with the client, the challenge was to work with the concept: Lotus Flower. This sacred symbol represents the purity of everything and the unfolding of the Universal manifestation.

“Achte” means eighth in German. The 8 number is associated with wealth, success and abundance; energy ideas that Achte Feng Shui helps to achieve for her clients.

We selected the perfect font for the 8 number: Conqueror Didot Light. We did a symmetric rotation and a graphic synthesis process. This 8 became the Lotus Flower that represents Achte Feng Shui.

We combined two fonts for the creation of the logotype, both with strong characteristics: Apparel & Absara. The right balance and usage of this type combination, makes Achte’s brand recognizable in all their communications.

We build brand icons from the same typeface. We created Achte’s symbols, in order to provide a communicational coherence: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Stars and Bagua Map.

We also animated Instagram stickers to further integrate the brand’s digital language and expand the interaction experience with the audience.

A project were we learned about the power of beauty and harmony in order to come into the full potential of life.