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Innovation has arrived in the pastry world. Chef Andrea Dopico Cafarelli, will launch on this 2020, her new project andiNC. with the star product “La Petite Sweet Box”. The first online subscription pastry box.

Her subscribers will receive monthly four products: cookies, dragees, marmalade and financiers, made with top quality seasonal ingredients.

andINC. andrea dopico


Flexible Brand

andiNC. is a mixture of femininity, natural and elegant qualities contrasted with graphic and linear representations. We developed a graphic identity system based on the interaction of all the graphic elements. Versatility was our main goal.

The desserts of chef Dopico were taken as an inspiration to design the different organic shapes used throughout the brand.


A typographic pairing between the Galea and Bespoke typography, enhanced the feminine, natural and elegant qualities that represent our client’s identity.

La Petite Sweet Box

Packaging & Labeling

“La Petite Sweet Box” is a perfect representation of the usage of the brand elements ÁRBOL created. Every side has a unique complementary color, all of them are connected by a white organic crossover pattern that invites the user to go over the box. A 360 experience.

andINC. andrea dopico
andINC. andrea dopico
andINC. andrea dopico

Four products: Cookies, financiers, dragees or marmalade.

Slim lines, shapes and organique mouvement printed on see through stickers made the perfect label design system to maintain a brand cohesion.

andINC. andrea dopico
andINC. andrea dopico
andINC. andrea dopico

La Petite Sweet Box

Soft-Launch at Yurbban Passage

On 12th of december 2019, andiNC. presented “La Petite Sweet Box” at  Yurbban Passage with guests from the gastronomic, design and pastry industry.

We had the honor to see the first impressions, to talk about the creative process behind this innovative product in the gastronomic world.

andINC. andrea dopico


A Digital brand...

It’s all about brand interaction in this digital era. That’s why we created for the communication department social media brand elements like: instastories templates and bespoke gifs/stickers so everyone can get contagious with andiNC.’s brand.



Photography by Cassandra Stuyt
Event Photography by Cassandra Stuyt

with the participation of Ana Karina Posadas, former co-founder.