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Carlos Ballesteros

Sculpting a way of living

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Carlos Ballesteros is an artist immersed in the world of sculpture. The essence of his work relies on revealing and understanding Nature’s universe, but how does he do it? In the process of creation, Carlos makes sure to prepare himself in an attitude of openness to reach beyond the apparent, to see what is behind his subjectivity, to unmask himself. This particular disposition helps him unveil simple and subtle lines hidden behind forms which represent feelings, emotional states, beauty and beyond…

Árbol was asked to produce the artist’s portfolio. Our strategy centred on creating a visual identity that represents his character and the artist’s particular approach, a photoshoot to enhance each one of the artist’s pieces and to design a website to exhibit his work online.


CB’s Brand

Openness towards creation

Ballesteros’s brand was based on the artist’s way of sculpting:

“I approach my work in a serious game attitude in which discovering the simplicity of the line behind the form is a priority. Listening to what the stone asks me, is more important than invention”  

This artist’s quote revealed the design exploration: the attitude of being open, potential needs an open road to manifest itself, empty/open vs. full/closed. Three L’s aligned forming an invisible triangle became the anchor point of the two words resonating with Geometry being the fundamental area of investigation of the artist. Contrasting the stroked letters with the filled letters evoked perfectly our concept. Simple, elegant and coherent.



CB’s Photoshoots

Alluring Photographs

Two photoshoots where held in order to photograph 80 pieces from the artist, one shoot in Madrid and one shoot in Barcelona. The art direction aimed to enhance the sculptures. All pieces together had a specific colour palette of predominantly whites, dark browns, dark greys, copper and greens, so we decided to unify all the pieces by using the same peach background that contrasted perfectly with each tone. You’ll appreciate the pieces from all their angles, a 360 experience, with perfectly lighted seductive close-ups.



CB’s Website

Simple, direct, intuitive.

A simple, direct and intuitive web design that showcases the artist, 44 sculptures, the process of creation, and the artist statement.



Photography by Cassandra Stuyt
Web development by Cris Consulting