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Carol Fleischman

Contemporary textile and prints

What we did?

Art Direction



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Carol Fleischman is a Venezuelan artist based in Barcelona, Spain. She expresses her essence and personality in each artwork. This special language makes every piece exalt her identity. 

She has a wonderful capacity to intervene with fibers. Carol uses drawing, painting, engraving, collage and weaving techniques. She includes thread in different forms making it the signature element of her work of art.

In ÁRBOL we were responsible for the art direction and the photoshoot to showcase her portfolio and website.  

The objective was very clear. We needed to enhance the art pieces and her identity, and also to manage a concept that could be replicated over time. Allowing her to add future works with a visual coherence.

We conceptualize a proposal that allows the audience to appreciate Fleischman´s  work in detail. She is characterized by her superimposing techniques and materials that make her art unforgettable.

Our intention was to transport the viewer to see what she sees during the conception of the weaving and print pieces. We take you to the forefront of her work.

Color, lighting and the staging were key points in our concept for art direction. We selected a solid color palette that would allow us to appreciate the details, tones, texture and mostly importantly to exalt each piece without intervention.

We allow ourselves to propose a subtle superposition concept. A kindred gesture to the visual language that Carol embodies in her work.


Photography by Cassandra Stuyt
Photography Assistant Kevin Cardona

with the participation of Ana Karina Posadas, former co-founder.