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Claudia Falquez

Refined, elegant with a textile essence


Claudia Falquez

What we did?

Creative Direction
Art Direction



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Claudia Falquez is a textile artist born in Colombia, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Árbol was asked to craft the artist’s portfolio. Our strategy centered on creating a visual identity that represents her character and the essence of her textile pieces, in addition to a photoshoot to enhance each one of the artist’s creations.

Claudia Falquez

Visual Identity

Her textile creations are nature inspired abstractions and colourful compositions made by using mixed fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp and cooper. Cooper became a the “common thread”  a material that repeats constantly throughout her work. 

The vertical lines represent the warp, being the structural base threads that sustain every weaving piece. The beginning of every textile creation.

We chose a geometric typeface to reflect her personality. The name “CLAUDIA FALQUEZ” was displayed as a representation of the weft, the horizontally woven thread intertwined within the vertical lines of the warp.

Claudia Falquez

Art Direction & Photoshoot

A photo session of her portfolio was held in Barcelona. The Art Direction aimed to enhance her textile pieces, the compositions, the materials and all the universe of details each of the artist creations expose. 


Photography by Cassandra Stuyt

with the participation of Ana Karina Posadas, former co-founder.