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COVID19 for Red Cross

E-learning Animation


What we did?

2D Animation
Creative Direction



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ÁRBOL designed, illustrated and animated this short video for the Red Cross e-learning courses. We used a range of disciplines aiming to help this organization spread the correct information in a fast, easy and understandable way.

Characters Design

Illustration as a communication tool

An illustration is a useful and powerful tool used to communicate complex messages through the use of images. It’s a resource that adds visual interest and value to your story. Nowadays with a short attention span, we tend to see images before text. With the use of illustration, we are able to present and explain new and complex information in an interesting and easy understandable way. Reaching a wider audience with different backgrounds.

For this course, we have focused on creating an attractive piece that educates and entertains users, keeping their attention on the information that is imparted to them. With animation we seek to reach a wide range of people. To achieve this goal, we have illustrated two central characters, who explain and experience the symptoms of COVID19 and then teach about the health recommendations given to avoid the spread of the virus.



The use of a storyboard is key when working on a video, film or animated piece. 

It’s an important part of the pre-production process and an effective way to visualize the sequence of the scenes in order to understand the flow and dynamic of the storytelling.

It is a tool that allows you to see if the desired message is getting through to your target audience. Otherwise, it lets you choose which parts of the narrative should be highlighted or trimmed to produce a dynamic, entertaining, and easy-to-follow story.

Scenes & Graphic Elements

Graphic scenes were designed to represent visual key moments in the story. For example: The location, the marketplace, the symptoms such as lack of air, medical attention and the #StayatHome recommendation.


2d Animation by Carlos Arandia
Voice by Tinedo Augusto Guia

with the participation of Ana Karina Posadas, former co-founder.