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Terraneum is a brand born in the heart of a family passionate about cooking and good food. Based in Barcelona, ​​they offer to the Spanish market healthy and delicious products for those who value a balanced lifestyle.

In 2020 Terraneum incorporates based pepper marmalade to their offer. A three product line that mixed this cultural taste from Spain with curious differential ingredients: orange, strawberry and mango & jalapeños.  Definitely, a twist for people who like interesting flavours.

In ÁRBOL we were asked to develop the identity for this new product, the package design for the three flavors and the printing management. This way we assure every single detail was taken care of. That’s the way we like to work. 

Our purpose was to make the elegant common. We conceived a graphic concept based on a mysterious distinction. The creation of organic illustrations with a graphic treatment, evoques the perfect visual seductive move to ignite curiosity. 

We illustrated patterns for each flavor and used a mix of interesting typographies: Jazmín from Latino Type and Absara.

After a market research, we decided that the color blue should be present. We realized it is a characteristic color in the untable segment. So, we used it in a clever way to take the brand identity to the next level. “Royal Blue” is the unifying color of these three marmalades.

ÁRBOL always looks further. As brand strategists we are always looking to expand the brand voice on all levels, visual and verbal. We suggested incorporating the slogan in the top of the jar, a tiny but special detail that completes the design and makes it powerful.

The result, a solid and elegant design that makes a precedent in the brand. Terraneum now steps strongly into the marketplace. Undoubtedly a statement package design that does not let the product go unnoticed.


Art Direction: ÁRBOL Creative Studio
Photography by Cassandra Stuyt
Retouch by Helena Travesset