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Claudia Falquez

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Content Creation



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Claudia is a Colombian weaving artist. She believes in tapestry art, as an engine to claim the handmade. ÁRBOL was asked to support the digital efforts she has been doing intuitively. Our purpose has been to optimize that effort and take Claudia to the next level in her social media channel.  

Our Content Creation service was ideal for Claudia. We personalized the project and created a strategy that met her goals and transformed her brand identity into an audiovisual experience for her audience.

We know communication is key, discursive and visual, aligned in one voice. In this case, we conceptualized her social media programming, we took care of the aesthetic coherence, designed fresh and original audiovisual content and crafted attractive storytelling for her artistic identity.

Everyone has a story to tell. Claudia Falquez has an inspiring story that we brought to life through the right words and content. We create #FalquezNomad and #TejiendoRelaciones, two content programs that allow the audience to know more about Claudia´s statement, her roots, inspirations and what matters most for a #WeavingArtist like her.  All this content was conceptualized and produced by ÁRBOL from scratch.

We also developed an original image bank about: her creative process, her art pieces and all the material she has been doing throughout the years. This tool allows her to optimize her resources and enhance her communications.

Our purpose was to raise Claudia’s voice. The speech was a  fundamental element. We designed powerful key messages, defined statement quotes that bring precedent into the vision she has as a #WeavingArtist. Every post has an intention that relays on the strategy we created.

In ÁRBOL, our goals are focused on what our clients want and need. That’s why we generate tailor maid proposals and work together to achieve this powerful content that builds up their digital presence. 

ÁRBOL is design, branding, video, and everything in between, and now also Content Creation, bringing integral solutions to take your brand to the next level.


Photography by Cassandra Stuyt